Sunday, 27 September 2020

The Great Gatsby Book Blogs

Welcome to the Grade 12 University English Book Blog

Several times during the reading and discussions of F. Scott Fitzgerald's novel, The Great Gatsby, you will post your Discussion Presentation Notes before you deliver and discuss your responses to and observations about the novel.

The class will have an opportunity to post comments and create working notes for the class.

Book Blog Posts should be:

  • carefully crafted, articulate, and academic in both language, tone, and content
  • analytical and critical in both observations and questions the blogger poses
  • primarily your reading of the novel though in exceptional cases, reference with secondary sources that were consulted
  • lengthy enough to cover all aspects of the question or prompt with textual reference in either quotations or page numbers
  • organized in sentence and paragraph structure
The purpose of the blog is:
  • to provide readily accessible notes for the whole class which is helpful in exam preparation
  • to allow students to comment and add further observations to the notes of bloggers
  • to provide an interactive social media platform for critical thinking
  • to provide practice with on line discussion in preparation for University

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