Tuesday, 23 October 2012

Group 4 - Question 2

Discuss and explain the irony revealed in the purchase of the dog. 

The irony in the purchase of the dog is connected to Myrtle’s marriage life. When Myrtle wants to buy a dog, she wants a strong dog and hence, she asks for a police dog. The god seller did not have a police dog so he offers her an Airedale. An Airedale in contrast to the police dog is not as strong and cannot protect Myrtle as she had hoped for. However the seller persuades Myrtle into buying the dog by telling her that an Airedale will satisfy her needs. This even is similar to Myrtle’s life. She believed that Mr. Wilson was the right man for her as she thought he was a gentleman and possessed the wealth. She made a quick decision and got married to him. However it was after that she discovers that he was not a wealthy man and did not possess any of the qualities she expected. 
The purchase of the dog is also ironic because during the purchase, Myrtle really wants the dog. She buys it and brings it home, and initially, takes good care of it. She says “I’ve got to get. A massage and a wave, and a collar for the dog […]” (36). However, afterwards, there are no indications of the dog in the text. The purchase of the dog represents the consumerism of a society where everyone buys without any true intentions and at the end, everything is disposed. 



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