Saturday, 20 October 2012

Group 4 - Question 6

Discuss Gatsby’s funeral using a Feminist, Marxist, and Psychoanalytic lens.

Reading Gatsby’s funeral using a Marxist lens reveals historical materialism. This category of the lens is revealed when Mr. Gatz, Gatsby’s father, shows Nick the schedule that was once written by Gatsby when he was young. The schedule Gatsby wrote determines that Gatsby was disciplined and organized , also he was determined with every thing he did, even as a young child.

Class struggle is also noticed at Gatsby’s funeral. Gatsby is not rich but he is considered wealthy. At his funeral , people who are rich do not show up. For example - Tom and Daisy. Neither did people who attended his parties. They only came to dance, drink and have fun , other than that , they were no friends of Gatsby. Meyer Wolfsheim , partner of Gatsby in the bond business, did not show up . Even though Mr.Wolfshiem , knew Gatsby for a long time he did not attend his funeral. His excuses was not to get involved in his death. Wolfsheim was a rich man, but he ignored his partner’s death . One could connect , due to Gatsby not being rich but wealthy, he is actually considered lower class since his family background was lower class. Therefore, people like Tom, Daisy , Mr.Wolfsheim , did not show up because they were all categorized as the higher class. Overall, it is remarkable how values toward other people change according to the social class. When was money more valuable than a person’s death?

Reading Gatsby’s funeral through a Feminist lens , it is noticed that patriarchy is presented due to no women attending Gatsby’s funeral. Even the woman Gatsby loved did not attend. Even though Gatsby did not accidentally kill anyone , unlike Daisy, Gatsby did not want any one to know that is was Daisy . This reveals the category of, the need for masculine protection , where every women needs her man to protect her. In this context , Gatsby was protecting Daisy from the crime that she had convicted.

Examining Gatsby’s funeral through a Psychoanalytic lens , the collective unconscious is revealed in the text. Gatsby was murdered by Mr. Wilson , because he though Gatsby ran over his wife, Mrs. Wilson, with a car. The reader is aware that it was daisy , the lady who is so innocent and sweet but. she mirrors the archetypal figure of the destroying angel. Even though Daisy character is recognized as a sweet, angel type women, the author uses this archetypical figure to mask the truth about daisy to the society. No one would ever believe that Daisy killed Mrs. Wilson , due to her innocence and sweet appearance.


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  1. Nice, thorough, coverage of all three lenses! One thing to improve upon for future endeavors is to maybe lengthen the explanations for the final two lenses, other than that brilliant job.


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