Tuesday, 23 October 2012

Group 5 -Question 5.

“What has Gatsby been doing in the time between the close of Chapter 7 and the opening of Chapter 8?”

At the ending of Chapter 7, Gatsby is left “just standing [in the front of Daisy’s home]” (p. 142) situated “between two bushes” (p. 142) gazing in through the open windows of Daisy’s home. Gatsby is allegedly attempting to ensure that Tom does not “[try] to bother her about that unpleasantness [that occurred that] afternoon,” (p. 144) and is waiting for a signal from Daisy if Tom “tries any brutality.” (p. 144) 

Gatsby is clinging on to any last hope that his dream can be achieved. He is desperately waiting for Daisy to come out of her house, offering to conjoin their lives once again, leaving Tom behind. During this period of time, Gatsby spends hours waiting. He claims it is purely so that Tom does not cause any harm to Daisy due to the conflict which had occurred earlier in the day. If Tom were to assault Daisy, Gatsby would immediately rush to her rescue, instantly willing to scoop up what Tom does not desire and take her for his own means. Gatsby is waiting for this opportunity to arise. Gatsby “[doesn’t] trust [Tom],” (p. 144) Gatsby doesn’t want to trust that Tom really wishes to passionately hold on to Daisy. Gatsby wants to hold on to every miniscule hope which proclaims the possibility of his desire being fulfilled- that he will achieve his dream of obtaining the Daisy whom he placed his ideals upon. 

Gatsby is waiting for a sign from Daisy. He is waiting for this certain sign that will announce that his presence is desired once again. Gatsby claims that if Tom is going to attempt to harm Daisy, then “she’s going to turn the light out and on again.” (p. 144) Gatsby is awaiting the moment when he witnesses the light flicker off, only to turn back on again, symbolizing the regeneration of the relationship. When Daisy turns the light out, with the intention of turning it on again, it symbolizes that Daisy would no longer desire to continue her relationship with Tom, as she would be exposing a relationship flaw, waiting for an intervening subject. The moment she turns it on again, is the moment when she declares that she is ready for Gatsby to intrude on the relationship and release her from a harmful environment. This would be Gatsby’s cue. It would be Gatsby’s cue to march into the house, and declare his possession over Daisy. This is all Gatsby has ever desired for five years: to have the ideal of Daisy. It would be of a great delight to Gatsby to have Daisy running towards him, begging for his company. Gatsby sits there in the darkness waiting for this signal to arise. Gatsby is waiting for Tom to hurt Daisy. If Tom hurts Daisy, Gatsby would have his dream in the palm of his hand. 

- Vanessa 

Gatsby, Daisy, Tom

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