Tuesday, 23 October 2012

group 5 - question?

Nick meets Jordan Baker and says, "Almost any exhibition of complete self sufficiency draws a stunned tribute from me." Explain what this means and why this is relevant to the novel.

At their first encounter, Nick is surprised by Jordan's calm composure and self confidence. He quickly develops a sense of respect and admiration for Jordan, because she is fairly different from the other girls in society. 

In the novel, Jordan serves as a character foil to Daisy. Daisy is a typical girl from the upper class, corrupted by her riches, displaying a flair for drama and extravagance. In comparison, Jordan is sporty, independent and mature. 

From a feminist point of view, it can be shown that Daisy has the role of the domestic wife while her husband Tom is the head of the family. One assumes that Daisy herself does not hold a profession as it is unmentioned in the novel. As a mother though, Daisy does not express much maternal feelings as “she added irrelevantly: You ought to see the baby.” Daisy’s name in itself represents one of nature which displays the unruly and wild side of her personality. 

Jordan herself plays an individual sport, holding a job as a professional golfer and making her own income. Single, Jordan carries herself with maturity and poise. Her gender neutral name demonstrates that her character is one that is dominant and strong. Jordan’s boy-ish style also mirrors the masculine fashion that women were emulating in the 20s as they evolved in society’s culture and entered the workplace. 

Daisy, Jordan

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